TGI offers a full range of Consulting Services to support your Operational design, planning, implementation and management needs including:

  • Advice on key actors for consideration to ensure cost effective operational service delivery;
  • Development of a fully costed Operating Plan;
  • Development and documentation of operational processes, standards and procedures for both front and back of house;
  • Manpower planning, sourcing and selection services;
  • Brand Development and associated Marketing, PR and Business Development Planning;
  • Development of retail, and other non-attraction, strategies;
  • Full implementation of the Operating Plan during start up phase;
  • Outsourced ‘Operational Management’ for a pre-defined period post start up period;
  • Operator sourcing and evaluation – if you would like to outsource the management of your Operations we can help you identify, evaluate, negotiate and appoint a suitable partner;
  • Efficiency Reviews to determine areas for remedial action to improve processes and enhance and optimise revenue potential for established attractions;
  • Assessment and due diligence for Business valuation and sale.

At TGI we believe in being flexible and responsive to our customer’s needs.