At TGI, animal welfare is of paramount importance and central to everything we do. Our dedicated, qualified and experienced team ensure that the highest industry standards are operated to in the acquisition, stocking and management and maintenance of all livestock.

As an example we are committed to sourcing and supplying aquarium species exclusively through third parties who use sustainable collecting methods and who either been quality assured personally or have good references from other industry experts.

We assess each and every one of our suppliers to ensure that they are meeting all international guidelines. We will not endorse any capture technique that is not sustainable or involves cyanide or explosives. We want our children to be able to experience and appreciate the beauty of our underwater world in the future.

By procuring fish caught with passive techniques we reduce the chance of mortality due to stress. We then employ a bespoke free quarantine strategy, where appropriate, and encourage fish health and durability by naturally boosting immune systems with the use of cutting edge dietary preparations and supplements. To us the animal is the most important aspect to any aquarium or animal-based attraction, so we take great pride in caring for them, on your behalf.

We ensure that the aquarium or animal habitat is meticulously maintained to high standards of cleanliness and professionalism in order that the attraction reflects the reputation of you, the client. We have the skills required to operate and maintain all aquarium life support systems and water quality is analysed daily.

The TGI team are committed to conservation both directly and indirectly.