The Concept Design stage is fundamental to ensuring a successful outcome to your project. TGI and our team of talented Affiliates will work closely with you to generate and articulate the overall vision, concept and direction.

We will:

  • Formulate a brief based on the concept vision, feasibility study findings and project objectives. Based on your requirements we can then manage and direct concept design development and implementation.
  • Ensure that all technical constraints are factored in to the design phase in order to minimise unnecessary delays or budget over spend.

Our designs are always developed with the operations in mind, setting us apart from most other companies. All aspects of the operations are considered in order to provide a unique design, optimise the customer experience, commercial revenue generation and up-selling opportunities by making them an integral part of the design.

Already have a concept design but want another opinion?

TGI’s specialists can undertake an independent review. Acting as your Client Representative, We will provide you with insights and critical analysis to validate the design, or provide constructive suggestions for improvements to the fundamentals of the concept, associated brief and proposed designs.